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Horizontal Mixer


PUDA Horizontal mixer is advantaged in high efficiency and quality for batch mixing. It is suitable for dry mortar, chemicals and building materials, such as plaster, cement, adhesive, filler, refractory material, gypsum products, insulating materials, chemical products, feed and so on.


Safety and reliable operation: the mixer is equipped with PLC control system, visual operation. There are automatic and manual modes. The mixing time can be modified directly. The motor is equipped with automatic circuit breaker, in order to achieve safety operation; emergency stop switch is equipped near the mixer


Easy maintenance: hinge observation door with quick snapped lock is available at the wall of mixer. The inspection door on one side of mixer is used for maintenance and replacing spare parts. The one side inspection gate on mixer wall is used to maintain and replace spare parts. The rotor and blade are all easy to replace.


Technical parameter:

Filling ratio: 50%-70%;

Discharging capacity: ≥99%

Mixing time for per batch: 3-6mins/batch

• Effective capacity: 500L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L


Configuration: Pneumatic discharge gate, additives feeding spout, inflating filter, dedusting opening, main feeding inlet, pneumatic sampling device and manhole safe switch etc.


Functions: alarming and auto/manual discharging function.

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