「Full Delivery」 Kipushi project shipped!


Kipushi Project

Successful delivery

Ivanhoe Mines | Democratic Republic of the Congo


Over eight months,

After multi-stage inspection and detection Electrical purchased parts inspection, 

acceptance of structural parts, factory test...


After the dismantling of the steel structure

The Kipushi project

Owned by Ivanhoe Mines

in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Finally came the day of delivery



Two of the world's largest

inspection companies



BV (French Classification Society)

Bureau Veritas provides quality and safety management services for the whole life cycle of steel structure projects such as industrial facilities, buildings and Bridges according to the needs of owners, general contractors and suppliers. In the process of steel structure design, manufacturing, construction and operation and maintenance, monitor the quality of steel structure to meet the requirements of laws and regulations, applicable standards, technical specifications, procurement technical agreements, drawings, processes, maintenance manuals, etc. Continuously improve the quality and reliability of steel structure products and facilities.

Intertek Testing

Intertek is committed to bringing total peace of mind to our customers' operations and supply chains with innovative and customized assurance, testing, inspection and certification solutions.

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