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「Lasting」Titanium dioxide·Valve bag packaging machine
"There is a surprise that comes from the recognition of the customer, there is a presence that makes the customer a friend."The destination of these four titanium dioxide valve bag packaging machines is Yunfu City, Guangdong Province - from the customer over 18 years of affirmation.Transaction is just a starting point, service has no end, being trusted is a kind of happiness, customer trust is our driving force forward!01「Timeless」DurableThe machine material is resistant to wear, and the safety performance is very good, which makes people feel the diversified application of mechanical equipment. 02 「Simple」Elegant The design appearance is simple and elegant, without too much modification, giving a simple and refreshing visual effect.03「Stable」ReliableStable performance, easy maintenance, high work efficiency, people feel the powerful power of modern industry.——We are blessed by the time.————Gratitude for everything given—— Follow us on Tiktok~
「Full Delivery」 Kipushi project shipped!
            ___________Kipushi ProjectSuccessful deliveryIvanhoe Mines | Democratic Republic of the CongoOver eight months,After multi-stage inspection and detection Electrical purchased parts inspection, acceptance of structural parts, factory test...After the dismantling of the steel structureThe Kipushi projectOwned by Ivanhoe Minesin the Democratic Republic of CongoFinally came the day of deliveryTwo of the world's largestinspection companiesSUPERVISION &PROTECTIONQUALITY & GRARANTEEBV (French Classification Society)Bureau Veritas provides quality and safety management services for the whole life cycle of steel structure projects such as industrial facilities, buildings and Bridges according to the needs of owners, general contractors and suppliers. In the process of steel structure design, manufacturing, construction and operation and maintenance, monitor the quality of steel structure to meet the requirements of laws and regulations, applicable standards, technical specifications, procurement technical agreements, drawings, processes, maintenance manuals, etc. Continuously improve the quality and reliability of steel structure products and facilities.Intertek TestingIntertek is committed to bringing total peace of mind to our customers' operations and supply chains with innovative and customized assurance, testing, inspection and certification solutions.Qinhuangdao Puda Electronic Co., Ltd.To Learn More                                                  ↓↓↓Follow us on Tiktok~
「Ready to go」Kipushi project factory test successfully completed!
Kipushi project factory test successfully completed!Thenext step is to disassemble the steel structure ~ The disassembly site is extremely busy.After a round of efforts, the steel structure is successfully disassembled and waiting for shipping!Follow us on Tiktok~
DCS-FCQ Series Air Forced Packer for Valve Bag
Hello, everyone!  The model introduced to you today is the Air Forced Packer for Valve Bag. The model is a forced air purging material feeding, our company in 2012 obtained the utility model patent of the packaging machine.Let's see the parameters of this model introduction in detail.Product DescriptionTechnical ParametersWorking PrincipleThis machine has a very good performance in the Romanian and Hong Kong projects!——Welcome to subscribe——Qinhuangdao Puda Electronic Co., Ltd.
Let's see Puda 「Vacuum packing machine」
It's time for delivery Our customers will soon receive our customized dust explosion-proof vacuum packing machine for coconut shell activated carbon. The destination is Cangzhou, Hebei Province. It took two months from design to production. To meet the needs of customers, we put a lot of effort and time into each step of the process.. The packing material is powdered material with good fluidity and large air content -- coconut shell activated carbon with a particle size of 200 mesh and a bulk specific gravity of 0.3t/m3.  Considering the requirements of environmental protection and safety, the whole set of equipment reaches the dust explosion-proof grade EX tD A21 IP65 T130℃ Db. Quality assurance!safety without worry!
Delivery! 「Quantitative packing machine」 Suitable for open bag and valve bag
“Quality brings market, improvement brings progress.”PUPA's latest Quantitative packing machine has on the way to the mountain city——Chongqing! In response to customer's request, our engineers specially designed a stainless steel, dust explosion-proof package machine which is suitable for open bag and valve bag.  Live up to the trust, create the future.As an organic matter, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC-Na) is often used in petroleum industry, daily chemical industry and food industry. Because of its good functional characteristics, it has been widely used in the food industry, and it has also promoted the rapid and healthy development of the food industry to a certain extent. Taking into account the particularity of the packaging material, the packaging machine material is made of stainless steel, to ensure safety at the same time, corrosion resistance and durable, more graceful appearance.「Explosion control cabinet」Electronic control instrument box (stainless steel) and motor The requirements of dustproof and explosion-proof Ex tD A21「Button」Explosion-proof button/explosion-proof knob/explosion-proof light/explosion-proof emergency stop More Secure「Feed opening」According to bag size and weight Add bag clamping device ——Welcome to subscribe——
Kipushi project steel structure inspection task successfully completed
In early April, the second phase of Kipushi project was completed on the inspection of purchased parts, and the acceptance of structural parts was also successfully completed this month.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________PREASSEMBLY--- Steel structure_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________PREASSEMBLY--- Steel structure___________________________________________________________________________________________________________Assembling---Belt conveyor___________________________________________________________________________________________________________Assembling---frame of chain conveyorAs a manufacturer of packaging equipment with comprehensive strength in the industry, Puda has been committed to the research and exploration of mechanization, informatization and intellectualization of equipment under different working conditions for a long time, and has accumulated rich practical experience. With the completion of the acceptance of purchased parts and structural parts, the Kipushi project is one step closer to full delivery!
Warmly celebrate the successful completion of the Kipushi Project (Phase II) inspection mission
April 3, 2019, employees of Intertek Testing perform performance tests on electrical components at Puda.Testing on-siteAccording to the requirements of the contract, combined with the situation of our company, plan the test location, determine the test variety and the test quantity. Before the start of the inspection work, the division of labor is detailed and the responsibility is implemented to the people.Testing contentAccording to customer requirements and sales work deployment, Puda Electronic Quality Control Center actively assisted Intertek testing organization to carry out work, and successfully completed the Kipushi project (Phase 2) inspection and testing task.
Aktogai expansion project of Kaz. Minerals (AKT phase ii ton bag packaging) loading and shipping
After the acceptance is qualified, the shipment for Aktogai expansion project of Kaz. Minerals (AKT phase ii ton bag packaging) is packaging according to International Packing Standards of long-distance. The shipping date is January 12, 2020.    
Puda's new plant is under construction
Our new factory is under construction, a brand-new modernized plant is expecting the global guests. Our business principles are HONESTY, QUALITY FIRST, INNOVATION and EFFICIENT SERVICE. PUDA provides high quality product and 100% satisfaction for all customers.                                                                                                                                   
PUDA company happily moved to new premises
          In June 2021, with the completion of the new factory, all staff in PUDA moved to the new site (No. 4, Shengjinhu Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Qinhuangdao City). Mr. Chen Jie, the general manager, with all colleagues, will welcome guests and friends with a new look. Looking ahead, we are full of endless opportunities and challenges. We are not satisfied with the status quo, we will move towards new goals with full confidence, concerted efforts and enterprising spirit.
Guangdong Foshan automatic batching line delivery
Automatic batching production line designed and manufactured by PUDA Company including measuring conveying system for raw material formula, mixed system, industrial automation PLC, DCS control system and ingredients line barcode mistake proofing traceability system are widely used in medicine, food, feed, fertilizer, salt, chemical, building material, refractory material, mining, paint, ceramic and glass industries.On November 20, 2021, with the joint efforts of all employees of PUDA, the production of automatic batching line products of the customer in Foshan, Guangdong was successfully completed. All the components of the project were loaded and sent to the customer site on the same day.
Shipment of phase II equipment of kamoa copper mine
Take advantage of the auspicious clouds of the Spring Festival, take advantage of the wind of the Winter Olympics, wear the epidemic blockade, and the more isolation and danger. The 60 day kamoa copper mine phase II equipment will be completed and delivered in Puda! This is the second time that Puda people have marched into the African continent against the layers of blockade since the epidemic! No matter the economic storm or the epidemic, made in China is the strongest backbone in the world! African continent, we're here again
Aktogai expansion project of Kaz. Minerals (AKT phase ii ton bag packaging) pre-installation and debugging is in progress
The pre-installation and debugging of Aktogai expansion project of Kaz. Minerals (AKT phase ii ton bag packaging) has been completed before delivery, and the equipment installation is almost done.     
Aktogai expansion project of Kaz. Minerals (AKT phase ii ton bag packaging) customer acceptance
After the pre-installation and commissioning of Aktogai expansion project of Kaz. Minerals (AKT phase ii ton bag packaging) completed on December 4 or 5, 2019, customer authorized a third party to my site for equipment acceptance. The disassemble will take place after the acceptance is qualified and follow on the pre-work for shipment.    
The valve bag packing machine exporting to India is ready for shipment
The production of two valve bag packaging machines purchased from PUDA by the Indian company GOLDSTAB has been completed. Our company's engineers carried out empty commissioning after assembly completes. The commissioning is qualified and they are ready for shipment.  
PUDA Annual Meeting of 2019
To thank all the staff for their hard work, General Manager Mr. Chen decided to hold the Annual Meeting of 2019 on December 31, 2019. The annual meeting is composed of many interesting games and performance in different forms, such as self-written and self-directed sketches, poetry recitation, songs and so on. Everyone got generous gifts and a smile on their faces. All the staff strive forward with one heart and mind in 2020, and contribute themselves to the bright future of PUDA.

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