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Container Type




Structure ,Function And Application:

Its wall is made of corrugated steel sheet or standard container with thermal insulation material or blowing promoter and so on in between, featuring rigid construction, light weight, nice look, fire protection and vibration proof. There is Automatic packer with double or multi-stations are available, also has sealer, conveyor, and air conditioner. It can operate smoothly under negative 30 degree Celsius and improves packing efficiency and environment, and work condition of intension. It is specially designed for weight measurement of materials such as grain, feed, fertilizer, and PVC etc in the field of garner, railway station, port etc.


Characteristics and parameters: (The type of packing machine can be changed according to customers materials.)

l  Weighing range: 25-80kg/bag

l  Packing speed with double stations: 16-20 bags/minute, packing speed with four stations:32-40bags/minute ( packing speed depends on different materials and different packing bags)

l  Weighing error: ≤±0.2%/bag

l  Pulling speed: 10kilometers/hour

l  Net weight of the whole machine: about 4800Kg    

l  Designing voltage: AC220440±10%50Hz ( customers should finalize local voltage and frequency)

l  Total power: 16-20kilowatt /set

l  Air source: pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa; dry compressed air, air consumption: 1.5 m3/min/set

l  Suitable environment: altitude: 2000meters, ambient humidity: 95% Non-congealable Dew, operating temperature-30℃~50℃、storage temperature-45℃~80

l  Feeding method: gravity free flowing

l  Operating efficiency Continuous working 24 hours, it needs 4 people to operate this machine.

l  Packing and weighing method: Manually applying bag, automatic clamping bag, automatic weighing, automatic filling, and manual sealing bag and with pulling hook.


Working Principle:

The materials are conveyed into hopper by conveying unit and fed in big, middle, and small feeding speed through pneumatic arc gate. When materials in weighing hopper reach preset value, load cell sends signal and arc gate closes, the discharging valve on the bottom of weighing hopper opens, then materials are immediately fed into bag. Clamping unit opens, packed bags are conveyed to sealing unit by conveyor and the system will return back to original station and begin next packing.

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